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In today’s difficult commercial real estate market, the savviest investors are reducing expenses and maximizing ROI by leveraging an often overlooked strategy – property tax appeals. That’s why Greysteel has partnered with Incenter Tax Solutions to offer property tax reviews at no cost to you. If an in-depth review of your property leads to the conclusion that your property taxes are too high, Incenter’s team of experts will take care of every aspect of the appeal process. Even if you are not currently being overcharged, once your property is submitted for review, Incenter will provide you with a free annual review of your property taxes, so that you can rest assured that you will never be overcharged again.

In exchange for a successful appeal resulting in a reduction of your property taxes, the fee is a one-time charge, which is just a percentage of your first year’s tax savings. This way, you are able to capture significant savings right out of the gate. From then on, you receive 100% of the savings for every year that follows. There is only a fee if Incenter provides a successful property tax appeal, which they do 93% of the time. With no potential downside, why leave money on the table? Submit your property for review today and see how much you can save.

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