Our process is simple.

We provide a free review of the property tax assessment to determine if you are over assessed. If we determine you are and your taxes are too high, we will recommend filing an appeal.

If we determine you are being over-assessed and you decide to move forward with an appeal, we coordinate the appraisal, prepare the appeal forms, file the appeal, negotiate a settlement and/or attend a hearing if one is required. The only out-of-pocket cost to you is an appraisal.

The municipality notifies of its decision, 93% of the time we're successful.

We contact you with the good news!

How Incenter Tax Solutions gets paid:


We only collect a fee if we are successful. Our contingency fee is typically 50% of the first year’s savings.  So, if we save you $500, we receive $250.  Every year after that, you pocket 100% of your property tax savings until you are reassessed.