Amy Williams

Director of Business Development

Amy Williams is responsible for growing Incenter Tax Solutions’ commercial business by establishing and executing a long-term vision and strategy for client development and education nationwide. She has an extensive background in real estate management with more than 15 years of experience in a variety of industries including as franchising, outdoor advertising, commercial real estate and retail.

Before joining Incenter Tax Solutions she held the Director of Real Estate position at The Goddard School franchise, Real Estate Manager at Outfront Media, an outdoor media owner formerly known as CBS Outdoor, where she consistently ranked in the top two percent of real estate representatives each quarter. Williams spent the first half of her career as a general certified real estate appraiser, then moved to Quiznos, where she acted as real estate manager and leasing coordinator, handling over 300 transactions for 300 reopening sites and 50 new stores. Williams acted as a real estate consultant for Gap Inc. before becoming a project manager for the rollout of a new management system at TCA Envista, a commercial real estate service company.